The Band Program is open to all students in grades 5-8 with a fee of $30.00.  The instruments that are taught are as follows:  bassoon, baritone, clarinet, flute, French horn, oboe, percussion (which includes snare drum, bass drum, auxiliary instruments and bells), saxophone and trumpet.  The director will accept all students on any instrument as long as the band maintains a balanced instrumentation.  The student will be responsible for renting or owning the instrument.  Students will also be required to purchase the Standard of Excellence Book I.  This can generally be found at any music store.

Band is taught as an educational enrichment class with the focus on developing the individual players to the best of their ability.  Music reading skills are taught and expected to be mastered along with playing the instrument.  A full band experience is given, which focuses on using learned skills, playing music of different styles and cultures.  Band students are offered a private lesson plus a band rehearsal each week.  The lessons will be given during the school day if possible.  In addition to the band experience, students are given the opportunity to play solos and ensembles for contest and other events.  Students will enjoy making music, and making new friends.

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