First Communion and Reconciliation

1st Comm #2

Preparation for First Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation begins in first grade and culminates in second grade.  Eucharist is the sacramental celebration of the Paschal Mystery in thanksgiving and praise for everything God has done and continues to do.  First Communion is the first Eucharist in which the new communicants (second graders) fully participate in the Mass.

First Communion Mass is scheduled at a special time on a Sunday in May each year.  The following school day on Monday, the Communicants are honored by wearing their First Communion attire to a special All School Mass and participating in special ways at the Mass.    


Reconciliation is the sacrament through which the Catholic community is provided reconciliation both to God and to the Church through the ministry of a priest.  Reconciliation has been referred to as Penance or Confession in less recent times.  The sacrament follows a ritual of the penitent confessing sins to the priest, as well as in a prayer which expresses sorrow for those sins which called the Act of Contrition.  The penitent receives forgiveness through the prayer of absolution administered by the priest. 

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