OLMC Band Reward System

Since grades are not given in band, I give a system of stars as a grading tool. On the board is a star chart with all of the students names on it. On the top of the chart is listed all of the pieces the band will be performing on the up coming concert. Students are expected to learn their part at home after I have gone over it during their lesson. At that time I teach how to play the part properly. The techniques to play these parts correctly are what is in all method books. So it is important the student learns to play these parts properly. Thereby the student is not only playing a part in band, but also learning techniques to play their instrument. The star chart is set up this way.

1 star is given when the student can play their part perfectly.

A second star is given when the student can play their part with the teacher playing another part on a different instrument.

A dot is given when they can play their part with a band playing the piece on a CD when one is available.

A. Prochaska

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