Athletics Information


Athletic Activities Per Week:

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1.  Students in grades 5 through 8 should have no more than four
     athletic/sports activities per week, including practices and
     games.  Sunday to Saturday will constitute a week.

2.  Practice times may vary depending on the availability of the
     areas that are needed.

3.  When a student must participate in two games on a given day,
     it will be considered one activity.

4.  No regular games or practices/open gyms are allowed on Sunday.  The exception to this rule
     is Diocesan Tournaments.

5.  When school is canceled due to inclement weather, no practices, games, or local tournaments
     are to be held.

Player  Eligibility:

●  All students participating in the sports program must have a physical exam each year and have a copy of the report on file.

●  A player may be suspended or dropped from the parish team only for major violation of school or parish policy.  This can include repeated violation of published policies set forth by the athletic program.  These policies should include statements on student attitude and conduct.

●  A student placed on probation or suspended from school is ineligible to participate in school sports activities until the probation or suspension is lifted.

●  A student’s classroom behavior and academic progress are best handled by the teacher and Principal therefore, should remain a school and parental concern not usually connected with the athletic program. 

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