Allergy Management Program

In accordance with Diocesan Policy 5141.5, the following food allergy management program is in place.

Family Responsibility:  The family will notify the school of any allergies of the student at the time of registration and fill out necessary paperwork for office and teacher’s files.  The family will provide the school with an Epipen, or other necessary medications, and any specific directions for administration.

Student Responsibility:  A student will be aware of what he/she is allergic to and take necessary precautions to avoid the allergen and alert a teacher or other staff member if they believe they have been exposed to the allergen.

School’s Responsibility:  The school office will keep a file on each child identifying known allergies and protocols for responding to allergic reactions.  The teacher will keep a file on each student’s allergies or other medical issues.  The school will educate staff on food allergies, including the administration of Epipens.  The school will keep an Epipen in the cafeteria. Individual Epipens for students will be kept in their classrooms.  The school will minimize the risk to known allergens (see Lunch Program).

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