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Meet Mrs. Deanna Smillie

7th grade

My name is Deanna Smillie, and I have worked for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel since 1994.  I began as an aide and then became a certified teacher in 2002.  I especially love teaching religion, concentrating on social justice topics.

Our 6th grade students study the Old Testament, our 7th graders concentrate on the New Testament, and our 8th grade students focus on church history and the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I was blessed with the unique oportunity to travel to Israel with other Catholic teachers and learn from our Jewish brothers and sisters the proper way to teach the Holocaust.  I was privileged to tour the country and visit the major Holy sites.  It has been and honor for me to have met 36 Holocaust survivors over the years.    

I was a part of a group that traveled in 2013 with Eva Moses Kor, a twin that survived Dr. Mengele's medical experiments in Auschwitz.  I was able to tour and study the camps of Auschwitz I, II - Birkenau, Plaszow (the Krakow Ghetto), and also Oscar Schnidler's Factory.  The wealth of information that I learned from this experience will be taught to my students.

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I also teach the advanced 8th grade Literature students that have qualified for our 9th Grade Literature Class. The main focus is on "Man's Inhumanity to Man".  This is accomplished by reading a variety of novels pertaining to this subject.  A few exemples are Night, Of Mice and Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird.  The culminating activities include a trip to the Williamson County Courthouse at the Williamson County Jail in Marion, and a Holocaust Museum or visit with a survivor.

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                                                  Meet Miss Flavia Velasquez

Hi! My name is Flavia Velasquez.  I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  I was an English teacher for seven years in Honduras.  Three years ago I moved to Carbondale, where I currently reside.  I recently completed a Master’s degree with a double major in Spanish Literature and Linguistics.  During the last three years, I have also taught several Spanish language classes at SIU-C.

I am fun, goal oriented and very energetic!  I like to run and enjoy outdoor activities, but chocolate is my passion!   I love to travel and constantly look for any opportunity that will allow me to learn about other languages, cultures and meet people!  This year I am the 7thth grade homeroom teacher and the Spanish teacher for 6, 7thth and 8 grade.  Learning languages is something I love and is becoming more and more important in our society today.  I’m very proud to teach my native language and I am blessed to be part of this beautiful OLMC family now.

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